For over 30 years Bastion has continued to push the boundaries of physical security design and manufacturing to protect people and assets from present and future dangers.

A highly knowledgeable and trusted advisor to many sectors, with products renowned for their superior build quality and independently tested and approved security capabilities, Bastion products enable you to proactively control risks and manage threats - with product performances matched to the particular threat you or your organisations are facing, whether it is a risk from blast, shooting or burglary.

Our extensive expertise in this highly specialist area is the result of continued research and development and investment in testing and certification over many years; producing armoured products with patented innovative features which provide burglar, bullet and blast resistance.

  • Highly specialist, trusted advisor and producer of high security Burglar proof, Bullet resistant and Blast resistant products
  • Design, manufacture and installation - turn-key solution provided.
  • All design work produced in 3d solid works to speed up the production process.
  • All critical evaluation is conducted by external bodies.
  • Anti-ballistic, blast and burglar proof independently tested and approved products.
  • Extensive and ongoing testing undertaken to drive best value without compromising protection.
  • We only use trusted sources for critical materials and components.