Panic Rooms / Personal Security

Preferably called Protected Spaces, what many understand as 'Panic Rooms', are merely dedicated spaces within a building (at work or at home), offering protection to people when an attack takes place.

They vary in size - often to suit the available space - and in performance, so the likely nature and duration of an attack needs to be understood, as well as realistic Police response times, when designing a facility.

Factors to consider are:

  • How big does it need to be?
  • On an upper floor, consider floor loading and access issues
  • What ballistic performance is required?
  • Is blast or munitions attack likely?
  • How long before help arrives?

Secure communications, water supply, air supply and sanitation can be provided for lengthy rescue time situations.

How are they built?

We would typically use one of our certified modular room building systems, to provide high level forced entry and handgun ballistic protection. This can be upgraded using lightweight additional materials to enhance the ballistic or blast performance. The whole facility can therefore be re-positioned in future or taken to another location and re-built, making it a valuable long term asset.

What do they look like?

Discreet! A normal meeting room, a spare bedroom and even a bathroom can be converted to a protected space and used normally each day if required. The key factor is that they are easily accessible and everyone knows about their secret functionality.


Delivered & installed by Bastion Enclosures and rooms can be delivered fully assembled or rapidly constructed on-site

Panic Rooms / Personal Security